The Wedding of Cyril & Noma at Netherwood

Premier Wedding Photography in Durban, South Africa


When we met with Cyril and Noma a week before their wedding day, at least one of them looked extremely anxious – I won’t say which one.  However they struck us as a fun couple who had done a lot of planning for this special day.

The day started at the beautiful Netherwood with blue skies and sunshine, what more could we ask for. Unfortunately, the time it took for the bride and groom to get ready was longer then expected, which resulted in a late start to the wedding. This was actually a blessing in disguise as it made the congrats and creative shoot start later which was exactly when the lightning, thunder and rain stopped. We took our chances after rushing through the shoot at the chapel and headed off to another favourite setting on the farm. The quarry provided us with an interesting backdrop and we managed to capture a few awesome moments in the fading light.

The reception was the liveliest that I have been to in ages with the band encouraging all the guests to sing and dance throughout the evening, making for a great party. At the end of the evening Cyril and Noma were exhausted, but were still buzzing from the wild emotions of the day and sat down on the stage and enjoyed a glass of champagne in the silence. What a fitting way to end a fantastic day.

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