Top 5 Wedding Venues in KZN Midlands

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Every venue is unique and has it’s own beauty, challenges and appeal. The ODM Weddings team has worked at numerous venues in the KZN Midlands and these are our top 5.

Cranford Country Lodge


Apart from the obvious beauty at Cranford, what comes to mind immediately is the staff. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with the owners, the wedding organizers or the kitchen staff, they all have a big smile on their faces and will always make you feel like you are at home. The actual venue is amazing and you won’t have a problem trying to find great places to film at or photograph. In fact the opposite applies as you actually have to limit yourself to just a few places as there are just too many to choose from. We have worked there in blazing sunshine, pouring rain and even snow but it always is a memorable day and you will always get amazing footage.

Netherwoord Farm


This is a great all in one venue where you don’t have to travel anywhere else. There is the big house for getting ready in that is close to the chapel and reception or the cottages on the other side of the farm if you want some privacy. The chapel has a stunning view especially since it is surrounded by glass walls. The reception venue is big and allows for some spectacular decorating. The farm has a variety of places to do the creative shoots with one or two providing the  magnificent Drakensberg mountain range as the backdrop.

Fordoun Hotel & Spar


This is another venue that caters for everything all in one place where you can have your accommodation just a few hundred meters from the beautiful chapel and the reception venue that looks out onto the Drakensberg mountain range.  There is a variety of backdrops to use for the photography and videography but the best and most obvious is the entrance which has the avenue of trees which change their look throughout the seasons.  To get the best out of your photography and videography team why not send them to the spa before the day starts and you will see exceptional results(haha).

St Ives


St Ives is a beautiful venue that needs to be viewed first hand.  The views from the chapel and reception venue over the lake are beautiful and make for an ideal setting.  The accommodation is on site so travel is not an issue so the whole day is made easier to organize.  The staff and service are good and the site for the canapes and drinks will have your guests wanting to stay there a little while longer while you enjoy an awesome creative shoot.

Providence Country Estate


It’s hard to describe the obvious attractions of Providence such as the beautiful old chapel, lovely reception area and awesome grounds when all we really want to describe is the mouthwatering food and unbelievable deserts that Fern makes.  The whole venue and service is excellent and hard to ignore but once you have tasted Fern’s cooking you will be accepting any wedding invite for Providence at a drop of a hat.

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